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Making the First Step the Easiest!

The First Step students take as they enter the college application process is attending “College Fairs.” At most fairs students spend more time filling out “info cards’ than actually talking to the Admission Reps. With CS1, students present their Personal ID# (usually a cell number) and the rest of the time is spent actually ‘talking’ to the Rep.

Number of College Fairs
Num of Colleges/Univ
Num of Forms
Wasted Time

Ease of Use

100% accurate data collection because students complete the one-time online form – Totally transforms the College Fair experience for students and Admission Reps!


Bring Your Own Device” College Reps can input the students’ Personal ID on any device (tablets, laptops, cellphone) connected to the internet which gives them real-time, actionable access to the students’ contact info.

The Green Solution

No More Info Cards! CS1 replaces the info card at every touchpoint in which handwritten data cards are used: college fairs, visits/tours, high school visits, etc.

Dollars & Sense!

CS1 provides Clean, Accurate Data for Every Student Entry! Eliminate the student/staff errors, the time consuming multi-step processing and costly printing, purchasing and handling of paper cards!

A Comprehensive Re-Engineering of the entire Student Data Intake Process Not just for College Fairs but every but touch-point in the College Recruitment Process