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About Us

College Step 1 will be recognized as the universal starting point for students embarking on the college application process.

The Evolution of the Info Card

Who We Are

College Step 1 is Cloud-based solution designed to dramatically streamline the initial step of the college application process. High school students (primarily seniors and juniors) seeking the right institution, college access facilitators (college fairs, guidance staff, college prep pros), and college/university recruitment reps will benefit from the services CS1 provides. College Step 1 is a fast, simple, comprehensive and intuitive service that will replace the outdated, clunky “Info Card” data collecting and processing system that is currently the standard initial intake method used by virtually all colleges and universities.

We assist Colleges, Universities and Prep Schools in all the “Touch Points” in the recruitment process of incoming students”, Fairs, College Visits, HS Visits, Open Houses, Group Settings, Open Season, Travel Season, Summer Sessions and many more

Benefits for All

College Step 1 ELIMINATES the need for the “Info Card…” FOREVER!

One-And-done! High school students complete a one-time CS1 registration and using their personal ID #, they will NEVER have to fill out an(other) “info card!”

For Students: No more standing in lines at college fairs waiting to fill out “info card” after “info card.” Their time will be better spent actually TALKING to the College Reps!

For College Reps: No more collecting, counting, processing and trying to decipher hand-written “info cards” that may or may not be complete. CS1 provides clean, real-time, actionable data!

For College Fairs: Facilitators will be able to provide timesaving, efficient events that will ease table-to-table traffic flow, creating opportunities for more meaningful contact between prospective students and college reps!

For Colleges/Universities: Admission Processing Centers will become dramatically more efficient, saving time, energy and money by eliminating manual “info card” data entry!

HS / HS Guidance Counselor: One place to send students to go to for entry into the system. We can provide a list of students from their school to confirm all who are eligible are in system!

For The Planet: CS1 is creating a totally “GREEN” intake process that not only eliminates the use of “info cards” at college fairs but also at Every Touch-point students encounter in the college admission data intake process!

About the Founders

CS1 is the long creation of two 1980’s college roommates (Ron & Don as they were known in college) who after twenty-plus years in the workforce saw a major need to bring their two worlds together, Education and Technology. Don is an accomplished college administrator of nine years of which five have been in admissions and previous to that worked over seven years for a large college preparatory organization. Ron is an established technology thought leader with some core technical tools and platforms which has allowed for the rapid development of this disruptive Cloud solution.