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Key Reasons to Use College Step 1

From ease of use, to cost savings, to going "green", to student specific information gathering, College Step 1 is where you need to be when it comes to better managing the first step of the Student Intake Process.

Professional Prospect Intake System

College Step 1 is an accurate, real-time prospective student data intake solution

Real Time Access to Student Info

Don’t wait 2 to 3 weeks for Info Cards or 2 to 3 days for your bar code information? With CS1 not only is your data immediately accessible but you can add personal notes/comments at the time of the contact.

Access and Collect Data at Every Touchpoint

Using the students’ personal ID#, Admission Reps can access prospective student profile info at every touchpoint during the application process.

100% Green Friendly

If fully embraced, CS1 has the chance to make this part of the College Intake process 100% Green Friendly. Imagine no Info Cards at College Fairs, HS Visits, College Visits/Tours, with the potential of dramatically enhancing the electronic communication between students and your institution as you become more Green.

Collect Institution Specific Answers

CS1 recognizes that each institution is unique and that a single, standardized data form is inadequate. CS1 allows you to create institutions-specific data points through our cloud-based info card replacement intake form.

Autosend Email or Text to Students You Just Met

CS1 Colleges/Universities users will have full access to “Auto send or Timed/Scheduled email or text to New Prospect.

Major Cost Savings in Data Entry, Paper & Printing

The reduction in data entry and printing costs could dramatically reduce the cost of the current manual process by an estimated 60% off cost of the current manual process.

No More Memory Lapses

By using CS1, Admission Reps no longer have to trust their memory of individual conversations or notes hurriedly scribbled on cards. Reps can click a box or type a note on the students’ profile as it populates on the tablet or laptop. That info is not only accessible to the Admission Rep at the fair but it is also immediately accessible by the processing department.

More Information about College Step 1

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