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How Our Solution Works!!!

A Cloud based solution for that eliminates the INFO CARD currently used by colleges, universities and prep schools for prospective students. With this solution we Replace this Paper Intensive, In-Efficient, Costly Process with one that is not only “Green”, has the potential to reduce the cost of your current process by an extimated 60%, Better Manages the Intake Process for Potential College Students
How to Register
  • Student Registration – Each student completes an online registration form using either their mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop. This is a One Time Only registration, no need to modify for a new event but if your information changes you can edit your record at any time. While we HIGHLY recommend that you register before the event, you could register minutes before you reach the first college counselor at the college fair. No Apps to Download! No Barcodes to print or save on your cell phone! Ever!
  • College/University Recruiter Registration – Same as for Student Registration except less fields. Once you register you will be billed the pilot pricing
How does the process work?
  • Students – Go to the fair, go to the college table that uses College Step 1 and give them your cell number and that’s it. No Barcode and No Forms.
  • College/University Recruiter – Go to the fair, go to your table, turn on your tablet or laptop, connect to the internet, go to and wait for the students to give you their cell number. Once you enter their number you will see their information and have the ability to add notes about your conversation with the student that only you and your institution can see. No Scanners, No Barcode and No Forms!!!
How to get your College/University receive the data collected?
At the end of the fair, representatives select data download and all the data for all the students you saw is available immediately including any conversational notes. Data is available via Excel or CSV format.

Version 2 Features Available Jan/Feb 2017
  • Ability to export data into the most popular Student Information Management Systems
  • Ability to immediately send an email, text or letter to student while at the fair or later that night thanking them for visiting them or more detailed AND targeted information on the student’s profile
Where will College Step 1 (CS1) work?

Since CS1 is Cloud based and not tied to any device, a better question is where CS1 won’t work? As long as you have internet access, you have access to CS1. We recommend that you use it everywhere you have student interactions since that data is collected and recorded for your use. Here are some places that CS1 can (and should be used):

  • Every college fair (local, regional, national) whether CS1 associated or not
  • Every individual high school student (parent) campus visit
  • Every high school student group campus visit/tour
  • Every Admission Rep high school visit
  • Every Open House or institution-sponsored event throughout the entire spring semester
Is Our Information Secure?

We address data security several ways. First of all, the data that we capture does not include any financial or other highly secure data. We don’t need it, so we don’t ask it. Secondly, the Admission Reps can only get the information if that have the students entire 10-digit phone number. Finally, our Cloud is a highly secure and redundant.