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Our Technology

College Step 1 is built utlizing a platform that has processed over 25 million court records without a hiccup

About eBusiness 1

   eBusiness 1, Inc. (eB1) is a software firm that specializes in two core area; systems management and document    management.  eB1’s Java-based Single Agent architecture, HyperAgent™, allows clients to view their enterprise      (consolidated and correlated), by server, cluster, and application.  Their HyperForms™ platform allows for rapid      development of document and information based solutions that are both internal and cloud based. 

The CS1 Solution

     The CS1 solution is built using a technical solution that has produced over 25 million documents for      the largest court system in the State of Texas.  HyperForms was initially developed to manage and      maintain large amounts of documents in an enterprise environment but as technology always does,      it has progressed into handling those same documents in a cloud solution.  The CS1 solution that eBusiness 1 has built doesn’t require a downloadable app, is secure (our court related work requires that), durable and extremely flexible.